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My name is Melanie Coxon. I have 23 years' experience in traffic and criminal law. We are fast & affordable as well as user-friendly. Our staff employed barrister Sharnita Pratap speaks Hindi. LawyerHelp has an excellent track record. See Great Recent Results or read our excellent references online if you are looking for a confidence booster.

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My Lawyer Help team of lawyers are available to appear for you at Auckland, North Shore, Waitakere, Manukau, Papakura and Pukekohe District Courts or out of town Courts including Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. Air fare, travel time and court appearance cost extra.

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Have a Fit and Proper Person Issue with the NZTA?

Is NZTA Threatening to Decline or Refuse you a P Endorsement?

  • Then Click on Get Started P Endorsement button Now!
  • Next Answer Easy Online Questions
  • Saves You Both Time & Money
  • Get a Quick & Affordable $230 incl GST Fit and Proper Person Re-Assessment of your situation & sleep better tonight!
  • Available for Phone or Skype Interview nationwide 9am-9pm with user-friendly barrister Melanie Coxon
  • Has excellent Knowledge of NZ Transport legislation 
  • Written response to NZTA Proposal to Decline or Refuse your P Endorsement $690 incl GST
  • Excellent Results!
  • We have the formula in seriously Improve your chances!   

Need a Limited Work Licence

  • Fastest online or face to face application process
  • Same day office appointment or phone interview. Office open till 7:30pm weekdays (Half a block up from Auckland District Court just before Victoria Street where the Bungy chair jump is) or we can do a phone interview with you if it is your first offence or suspension or you live outside Greater Auckland.
  • Only ($805 including GST) 1st disqualification at Auckland ($920 including GST) at all other courts in Greater Auckland (North Shore, Waitakere, Manukau, Papakura plus filing fee ($250 for demerits/$150 for court-imposed disqualification ie drink-drive or other traffic disqualification). 2nd disqualification costs start at $920 at Auckland. $920 plus travel at other courts
  • *Money back guarantee ($460) if the Judge refuses your application! (Conditions apply)

First Drink Drive charge, not sure what to do? In need of some peace of mind?

  • Get a quick drink drive assessment now (Did the Police breach your Bill of Rights of not follow correct procedures?) Simply answer our online Drink Drive questions now.
  • Want a prompt no fuss, get it over with court resolution with a minimum fine and disqualification?
  • Easy Pay as You Go fees - only ($230 inclusive GST) for each office or Court appointment at Auckland. All other Court appearances (NS, Waitakere, Manukau, Papakura $287 if completed by 11:30am, otherwise ($460 inclusive GST)
  • Same day/next day/evening or Saturday afternoon appointments available

Facing your 2nd drink-drive charge within 5 years?

  • Get a quick drink-drive assessment now (Did the police breach your Bill of Rights?)
  • Don't qualify for a limited license but your job is at serious risk?
  • Need to defend?
  • Gave blood?
  • Want a skilled affordable Lawyer Help drink drive lawyer to try and sort out your legal mess?

In the gun for a 3rd or subsequent drink drive?

  • Hit rock bottom?
  • Need a helping hand to stay out of jail?
  • Let me help you prepare a survival plan now!
  • We have the answer!
  • Proven track record
  • Easy Pay as You go fees - only $230 incl GST for each office or Ak Court appointment

Need a Tricky Traffic Charge sorted out?

  • Charged with speeding, careless use, dangerous drive, sustained loss of traction, careless use causing injury, dangerous driving causing injury or death
  • Prepared to do a defensive driving course?
  • Possible Options: Diversion may be available for 1st-time offenders
  • Other options: Diversion appeal, charge withdrawn, a reduced charge, a disputed facts hearing, guilty plea and fine, fine and disqualification, discharge without conviction (if you have a proper basis) and disqualification

Facing a Criminal Charge?

  • District Court jurisdiction.
  • Not sure whether to defend, plea bargain or just plead guilty.
  • Need a special sentencing result?

Domestic Violence Charge?

  • Want to know the Rubik's Cube solution to a domestic violence charge?
  • Seeking a discharge without conviction?

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Recent Feedback

Afghani taxi driver with 7 warnings from NZTA since 2010 sent notice from NZTA of their proposal to decline his application for Transport (Goods) Service Licence as they were not satisfied he was a fit and proper person to hold such a licence. As well they advised that his Passenger Endorsement and his Small Passenger Service Licence were also to be revoked. After a 3 hour interview with barrister Melanie Coxon analysing his driving history and offering a various explanation for each traffic infraction and submissions on how he intended to improve his driving habits as well as outlining the various health and other hardships faced by his family since they immigrated from Afghanistan, the NZTA relented and gave him a second chance.  

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  1. Melanie Coxon holds no indemnity insurance.
  2. Melanie Coxon has had no Law Society complaints in her practising career.
  3. Melanie Coxon has her own complaints procedure available in accordance with the Client Care Rules 2008 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006. Details supplied upon engagement, at request, or online here.

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