Fees - How LawyerHelp Charges

Affordable 'Pay as You Go' Legal Fees

  • An Office Appointment costs only $230 (incl GST)
  • A Court appearance at Auckland District Court costs only $230 (incl GST)
  • A Court appearance at a District Court other than the Auckland District Court costs $287 (incl GST)
  • Standard Written Submissions cost $517.50 (incl GST) (This can be paid in two instalments)
  • Special written submissions $690 (incl GST) (Required for all S.106 Discharge applications and S.94 Order applications seeking community work in lieu of disqualification for best results. (This can be paid in three instalments)
  • Success Fee Major/Minor matter $575/$287 if we achieve the agreed goal or better result.
  • Defended Drink Drive Case (Greater Auckland)
  • - First appointment $230 (incl GST),
  • - Preparation of chronology $230 (incl GST),
  • - File preparation for defended hearing $230 (incl GST),
  • - Defended hearing Auckland District Court $690 (incl GST).

Complicated Cases (Fee by Negotiation)

If your case is a complicated factual case or your instructions make it a complicated case then you and I will negotiate an agreed fee once I have obtained full police disclosure and have had an opportunity to grasp the complexities of your case. Only once this is done can I realistically assess the likely time involved and the appropriate fee.


Work/Limited Licence Fee (demerits or drink drive) Greater Auckland

$690.00 (incl GST) plus filing fee $150 (Court ordered suspension) or $200 (Demerit Suspension) before the application is filed with police). Alternatively you can pay the full fee $690 at the initial appointment. Effective 5 August 2015 most District Courts now charge an additional $50 charge to seal your Court Order granting the work licence as a result of a Demerit disqualification (deemed a civil application) but not in regards to a disqualification for drink drive or other driving related disqualification such as Sustained loss of traction, dangerous driving etc.

A minimum payment of $230 (in cash, by EFTPOS, credit card, online bank transfer or gold nugget) is required at your first (in person) interview. At this time a draft of your personal affidavit and your employer or accountant's affidavit will have been prepared.

A minimum payment of $230 (by credit card on phone or online bank transfer) is required to be paid within 24 hours of your phone interview if outside of Greater Auckland. At this time a draft of your personal affidavit and your employer or accountant's affidavit will have been prepared.

The balance of the fee ($460) plus the filing fee $200 - demerits or $150 if for a court ordered suspension) must be paid prior to your application being filed with the court unless your employer has agreed to pay the $690 fee in 6 weekly instalments of $115 per week.

Opposed limited licence hearing fee of $287 is applicable if police oppose your application due to your driving history but that you wish to continue with your application before the court. [Rare]

Money Back Guarantee of $460 of the $690 Limited Licence fee (applies only if your first disqualification or suspension) will be refunded if the Judge refuses to grant your application.  It does not apply if for any reason you choose to withdraw your application after I have prepared it.

A Filing Fee of $200 is required to be paid in relation to a Demerit suspension application. A Filing Fee of $150.00 is required to be paid for a Drink drive application or other court ordered suspension.

Fees may be paid by cash, EFTPOS, credit card, online bank transfer or gold nugget! (you must also have a sense of humour to be a client!)

Fees may be paid online to the credit of Barrister Melanie Coxon, Kiwibank Account Number 389008 0453945 00. Ensure you include your last name for reference purposes.

Work/Limited Licence Fee (demerits or drink drive) At any court NZ other than Greater Auckland

My fee to prepare your limited licence application NZ Wide starts from $690.00 if it is your 1st disqualification or suspension and no court driving or demerit  history.

* My 'money back guarantee' ($460 ) of the $690 fee is subject to the following conditions.

You have declared all traffic convictions within the last 5 years or given me the correct number of Demerit Suspensions in your online application or telephone interview. This includes how many times you have previously lost your licence for demerits. If you have an extensive demerit history the 'money back guarantee does not apply.

You can obtain your Demerit Suspension notice by contacting the Land Transport on 0800 822 422 to arrange service of your notice or email them info@nzta.govt.nz to arrange service. Alternatively you can visit your local police station (Auckland Central is best if you reside in Greater Auckland) and request a Section 90 notice (notice of driver licence suspension and disqualification for excess demerit points from the Senior Sergeant at the counter).

  • The money back guarantee does not apply in regards to s94 applications where one is seeking a community based sentence in lieu of disqualification.

Instructing Solicitor

Barristers' clients need to be referred to them by a solicitor (known as the Instructing Solicitor). If you do not have your own solicitor, or do not wish to use him or her, I can arrange one for you at no extra cost.

Why choose Melanie Coxon

Melanie Coxon:

  • Is Fast, Friendly and Affordable
  • Has 18 Years Experience
  • Immediate Appointment Available
  • Contactable 24 / 7 in an Emergency
  • Has Great Results
  • Affordable Fees
  • Easy Pay As You Go
  • Access to Top Criminal Researcher
  • Access to Top Private Investigator
  • Lawyer Help office on Albert Street is only a ½ block from the Auckland District Court

Terms and Conditions of engagement are:

  1. Melanie Coxon holds no indemnity insurance.
  2. Melanie Coxon has had no Law Society complaints in her practising career.
  3. Melanie Coxon has her own complaints procedure available in accordance with the Client Care Rules 2008 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006. Details supplied upon engagement, at request, or online here.

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