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Auckland $805* / Nationwide $920*

*Auckland District Court - $805 plus court filing fee if 1st disq otherwise $920

Other courts greater Auckland $920.

*Nationwide - $920 + court filing fee & lawyer agency fee may apply.

*Court filing fee - $250 for Demerit Points or $150 for Drink Drive / Court imposed a disqualification

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Call Melanie Coxon now on 021 911155 for a free assessment to ensure you are eligible.

What you get for your $805 (incl GST) Auckland if your first disqualification otherwise $920 (incl GST) plus filing fee:

  • If you are disqualified because you have received 100 demerits or convicted of drink driving you may be eligible for a work licence. 
  • LawyerHelp specialises in getting courier drivers and truck drivers back on the road fast! 
  • A work licence is normally granted if you need to drive at work, carry tools to work or do not live near any public transport.
  • Melanie Coxon, LawyerHelp have successfully processed over 5000 work licences in the past 10 years.
  • 99% of Melanie's applications are successful because she prepares them correctly the first time.
  • The Lawyerhelp team will quickly prepare your personal affidavit and your employer's affidavit or if you are self-employed your accountant's affidavit the same day. 
  • You don't have to wait 28 days to get started if you have been suspended for drink driving. Get back on the road on day 29 or soon thereafter.
  • There is no stand-down if you have received 100 demerits.
  • If you have been notified that the NZTA have sent you a letter by courier, don't duck it because it normally gives you two weeks grace to get your work licence processed. 
  • Our money-back guarantee applies if it is your first disqualification and the Judge turns down your application.
  • Judges approve most of the applications we file with the court. Often Judges praise our applications in front of the client.
  • Easy payment facility. Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card, Debit Card or Gold Nugget if you have a sense of humour.
  • Free Logbook.
  • Check out our great client references!
  • $460 Money Back Guarantee in relation to 1st drink drive or demerit suspension only if declined by a judge. Does not apply if you withdraw or abandon an application after the work is done and is prepared. We promise to do our best!

Barrister Melanie Coxon can help you with a face to face interview or interview on the phone, whichever suits you, if:

  • this is your first, second or third, sometimes on the rare occasion your fourth or fifth suspension for demerit points;
  • this is your first drink-drive conviction within the past five years (and you have no other disqualifying conviction - see above) and is now on a 28 day stand down or your stand-down period has just expired;
  • you have been charged with sustained loss of traction or another traffic offence resulting in suspension, are prepared to do an AA defensive driving course;
  • and now need a work licence as soon as possible to keep your job and alleviate undue hardship, not just hardship.

Click the RED get started button on this page then answer the questions. (It will take you approximately 10 minutes). If you are not sure, call Melanie Coxon on 021911155.

Double-check that you have put in the correct rego number/s of the vehicle/s you seek to drive.  Also, ensure that the vehicle/s you need to drive are currently registered and have a valid warrant of fitness. If they do not, your application will be seriously delayed.

How it Works

Take 10 minutes now and answer as many of the questions as you can on my website then hit the submit button.

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  • Immediate Appointment
  • Contactable by email or phone 0800ok2drive or 021911133
  • You can also pay by easy online bank direct credit

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  • Shortest processing time in Auckland!
  • Money-Back Guarantee if your first time being disqualified!
  • Free Logbook

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  • Take 10 minutes now and get started below
  • Save hours of preparation time for the lawyer
  • Save days processing your application

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To get started, just fill out the online application form (Red Button below) for limited work licences:

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Recent Feedback

My temporary licence arrived in mail yesterday, now I can get on with my business.

Thanks very much for your good work and great help. As someone in a South Island provincial centre I was sceptical about how it would work getting my limited licence through an Auckland Barrister. Well, it couldn't have been easier, you guys were very on to it and your communication was first rate. I highly recommend you for anyone needing a limited licence.

Regards, A


Yes I’m on the road again, happy to be back working again. Thank you very much, appreciate the help. Awesome service.

Kind Regards, K

Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome service. Really appreciate it, the process was fast and prompt. And i'm really enjoying driving myself to work lol.

Thanks again, N

Hello from the chilly south

All good in regards to my limited work licence, top service and will recommend to anyone I know unfortunate enough to be in similar position.

Thanks for speedy and informed help.

Hi Melanie and the rest of the team, I was planning to email you as I walked home last night because the relief I felt was enormous. Everybody was busy or out when I left your office and I was keen to thank you so much for helping me get the limited licence, despite the wild card judge derailing things. Yes I got a call back with a reference number and I was able to get the temporary licence yesterday. I have the court order in the log book and understand the conditions for filling it out before and after each trip. Keep up the good work and I will most definitely recommend you. Thanks again

Hello Melanie & Harriet, I have just uplifted my temporary work licence from the AA branch and would like to thank your team for providing an efficient and affordable service. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who needs assistance. Once again, thank you very much. Regards J - 28 August 12

Once again I would like to thank you for your effort in obtaining the limited licences for me. You have gone the extra mile to answer queries and working through Christmas break to ensure that I am back to work in only 2 days. You have contributed immensely in avoiding a possible loss of job for me. I really appreciate your service. Wish you and the team a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues and family. You delivered more then you promised.

I would just like to thank you again for all your help in obtaining a limited licence for me. It was totally stress free and you were very understanding with the complications I had with the terms of my suspension. It was a very smooth process and you were very prompt, efficient and affordable. Harriet and Melanie were very friendly, can you please extend my regards as they were very professional and helpful. I have highly recommended you to my friends and colleagues. You are a life saver.

Hi Melanie & Team, thanks so much for your fantastic efficient efforts in getting me a day license in just 3 and a half days, it was inexpensive and hassle free. As far as I am concerned it was a small price to pay and all the departments I needed to visit were 'oh so handy' to your office. Your website was user friendly and what a time saver for all concerned.

I lost my licence for demerit points and was recommended Melanie Coxon through a friend, she was a great help and offered fantastic service going the extra mile to get me a limited work licence. I would highly recommend her service, it took a lot of stress off, meaning I was still able to work and support my family. Many thanks for all of your help!!

I found your service excellent and recommend you to everyone especially in regards to the speed you got my limited licence and the communication - with me being far away, and at such reasonable rates.

Hi Melanie & Team, thanks so much for your fantastic efficient efforts in getting me a limited license today.I discovered Melanie Coxon barrister and her Website 0800-ok2-drive which to my surprise was the best value for money and cheapest way for me to get my limited license application underway.She was a great help and offered fantastic service going the extra mile to get me a limited work licence. I would highly recommend her service .Everything went fine at court and I went to the AA outlet and got a temporary licence.Thank you again very very much for your time and effort and for taking care of someone even when theyre way down in the deep south .Recomend to everyone thankyou so much

Read our best reference ever!!
(click here)

Thank you to Melanie Coxon and her team. I would like to say thankyou for all your help in the matter of my limited work licience . It was very professional and made so easy to understand. The whole prosses from start to finish was about two weeks from my first email to getting my limited work licence today with no problems at all. I would reccomend Melanie and her team to anyone that is unfortunate to make the same mistake I did. The service is supurb at a very affordable price.

Geoff, our family and I would like to send you the biggest thank you for sucessfully get Geoff his work licence.

We really appreciate the extra work you had to put into it after realising how many times (4) Geoff had lost his licence in the past due to demerits and for encouraging us to carry on with the licencse even when it all seemed destined to be denied.

So thank you, thank you, thank you and we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. 

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Terms and Conditions of engagement are:

  1. Melanie Coxon holds no indemnity insurance.
  2. Melanie Coxon has had no Law Society complaints in her practising career.
  3. Melanie Coxon has her own complaints procedure available in accordance with the Client Care Rules 2008 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006. Details supplied upon engagement, at request, or online here.

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