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Call Melanie Coxon 24/7 on 021911133. Get some peace of mind now. Affordable Cost only $230 for phone or office interview - Easy pay on line.

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Why you should use Melanie Coxon

  • Melanie's guarantee! She promises by the end of your $230 phone interview (for however long it takes) you will feel better because you now have some direction and peace of mind.
  • Affordable fees. $230 phone interview, $230 one off admin fee to cover paperwork phone calls and talking to the police, $230 / $287 for each court appearance depending on Auckland District Court or other courts in greater Auckland. 
  • Easy pay as you go. Debit card, credit card, online transfer, or if you've got a sense of humour pay with a gold nugget.
  • Melanie Coxon has 25 years' experience in traffic and criminal law.
  • She is recognised as one of the most knowledgeable drink-drive traffic lawyers in Auckland.
  • Melanie gives solid legal advice nationwide for traffic, drink-drive, s94, work licence, or any other criminal matter you need help with today? She services Invercargill, Christchurch, Wellington, Rotorua, Taupo, Hamilton to Cape Reinga and anywhere in between.

3rd + Drink Drive Charge?

Sweating because you are fearful of possible imprisonment from a 3rd or subsequent drink-drive charge? Then call Melanie now. Get some peace of mind and sleep better tonight.

Affordable $1725 (including gst) sentencing submissions. Pay in three easy installments ($600+$600+$575)

Need a Discharge without Conviction? 

Have you been charged with your first drink-drive charge ever and you want to try for a s106 discharge because you really can't afford the consequences of a conviction? Each application depends on its own merits.

Affordable $1725 (including gst). Pay in three easy installments ($600+$600+$575). Plus $575 satisfaction fee

How Good is the Lawyer?

Either way and you can quickly see from Melanie Coxon's Great Results, that she knows what she is doing, so don't delay! Act now! 

Call the user-friendly affordable lady lawyer who you can see at a glance below, has already proven she really knows what she is doing!

Take Action Now

Use the Drink Drive Application, answer the questions then push the submit button. If someone from LawyerHelp does not call you within 30 minutes, please call us back on 021911133. 

Or is your problem that you urgently need a Work License in order to keep your driving job or to get to work or because you live off the bus route or have children you have to drop off to school on your way to work?

Then go to the Work Licence Application, answer the questions as best you can, leave blank what you don't know, push the submit button then call 021911133 or 0800ok2drive in order to speak to Melanie Coxon asap.   

Desperate to stay out of jail because you have clocked up one too many drink-drive convictions? Melanie Coxon has the formula. 

Affordable Fees

Can't afford to pay an arm and a leg for legal fees?

You do not have to be charged with murder to get the benefit of Melanie Coxon's Magic!

And you won't have to rob a bank in order to pay her affordable fees either!

Check out her Great Results before you decide to pay out thousands of dollars in legal fees when it may not be necessary. 

Call now and sleep better tonight. 

Drink Driving / Excess Breath Alcohol Charge

    • Phone / Office Appointment. Only $230 incl GST
    • Affordable Court Appearance Fee. Only $230 incl GST (Auckland). $287 incl GST (Other courts in greater Auckland)
    • See if you have a possible defense to your charge.
    • Same-Day or after-hours appointment available.
    • Call 021911133 or 0800 ok2drive to book an appointment now! 
    • First appointment: Go through the Police EBA Procedure sheet with you to see if the arresting officer has made any critical errors in processing procedures.
    • Explain how the legal process works, your legal options, and the penalty you are likely to receive if you decide to plead guilty or are found guilty.
    • The bottom line here is we know how to keep you out of jail! 
    • If you need a work license now go to and click on the red work license button then answer the questions online and submit.
    • See our Great Results page before you decide which lawyer you want to handle your case.

    Remember when they say it is impossible that means there are 1000 solutions! 

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      To Melanie & team. I'm taking the time to write to you about how very satisfied I am with your fantasic service. I dropped by your office today to personally say how grateful I am for getting me out of my court case but the door was locked. It took less than 10 minutes to find about you on the internet and sort out an appointment on the phone. My first impression of your great service began with booking the appointment! I can't explain how thrilled and happy I am today knowing I'll work and drive with freedom and continuing to support my family. I will definitely highly recommend your service to my family and friends. Please pass on my word of thanks to Steve and your office manager for such a great service! All the very best to you and your team! Vili - 13 March 2012

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      Terms and Conditions of engagement are:

      1. Melanie Coxon holds no indemnity insurance.
      2. Melanie Coxon has had no Law Society complaints in her practising career.
      3. Melanie Coxon has her own complaints procedure available in accordance with the Client Care Rules 2008 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006. Details supplied upon engagement, at request, or online here.

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